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Before the first Christmas
A star hung all aglow
Far in the distance,
Like a dim shop window.
It was so deep in the sky
That no mortal eyes
Could tell it was there.
And the star thought that nobody cared.

When all other stars,
On the clearest of nights,
Were shining their proudest
And being their loudest
And seeing whose starlight could
Dazzle the crowd first,
This far away star
Stood like a lone sprocket
Whose shape fit no engine,
Clock, wheel, or socket.
It felt like a drum
That would never be beaten,
Or like a flower whose blossoms withered
Before anyone could see them.
Fearing its glimmer would never be known
The star gave a shimmer and quivered and groaned.
“Alone, I’m alone, and forever alone,
No body to see me
No body to free me
From this baron existence
Here in the distance.”
But these thoughts had no sooner
Crossed the star’s mind
When out of the thick darkness
Came a small voice, like a chime.
But then the voice became vast
Like great ringing bells
So that the star stood still and listened
To what this great voice had to tell.

With a breath of fire
Like rushing water
God gave the star
He gave it a mission,
To help free humans
From the power of sin.
Saying, “You get to be,
The star of Bethlehem.
You’ll appear as a sign
When my son is born unto man.
You’ll lead shepherds and wise men
Out of desserts and darkness
You’re the first ornament of Christmas!
You’ll come to rest
Over Mary, the virgin
And Joseph, the carpenter, her faithful husband.
And you’ll shine like a jewel in the crown of creation.
And when this tiny blue world passes away
You’ll adorn the head of my bride in Revelation,
As one of the twelve stars that she’ll wear like a garland.
Then God summoned an angel
To Guide the star through time
Saying, “You are to lead
The Bethlehem star
And tend to its needs
As it journeys afar.
Keep it from the evil one,
Keep it from danger
You are the Christmas guardian
Who will defend my manger.


from The First Ornaments of Christmas, released November 15, 2012



all rights reserved


The First Ornaments of Christmas Fayetteville, Arkansas

The First Ornaments of Christmas is a live multimedia project from the brain/hand/pen/voice of Rogers, AR resident Bryce Napier. A re-imagining of the Christmas story told through live music, narration, and animated footage, the project was performed in Northwest Arkansas in December 2011 and 2012. ... more

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